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February 18, 2012


These tips helped my SEVEN kids get to bed when they were little:

1-  Make sure you do NOT allow TV or the computer for a few hours before bedtime. ALL light stimulates the Pineal gland, which signals the body to ‘WAKE UP’!


2- Keep your kids away from Sugar and Candy, which can cause hyperactivity. Only let them have it on special occasions or on the week-ends as a reward for good behavior perhaps. You will be amazed at their better behavior! Here’s another idea to get better rest: Both GABA and Natural Calm Magnesium help relax the body AND mind at bedtime. (They are available in powdered form at most health food stores.  I get the best price online at (And $5 off your first order with this code: KID067).  We still take the GABA and Natural CALM Magnesium every night mixed with water and it really helps to give us all wonderful sleep.

Melatonin is another natural remedy for sleeplessness that re-sets the body’s bio-rhythm. You only need to use it for  for 2 weeks straight at the same time each night 20 minutes or so before bed. After that your body should be ‘trained’ to go to bed at that time, and  not need it until your schedule changes. Lots of info can be found online about their benefits. Ask your physician if you are in doubt about any of these natural remedies. Though it is true that most doctors know less about nutrition and concentrate mainly on pharmaceuticals, I was lucky I had a great family doctor who was very much into health foods and natural treatments.

Image3- Since I had so many kids, bedtime was always easier when I followed a ‘quiet time’ pattern each night. THIS is VERY important – but WORKS, and I elaborate on the details here:

4- And getting ready for a good day at school is also an ART that starts the day before:


5- ALSO: Many parents use my illustrated behavior charts I offer FREE to everyone here, as incentives to positive behavior: