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Guess who I met last night?

June 11, 2010

I got to meet the REAL Antwone Fisher – in person – last night!
If you don’t know who he is, click the link to find out more… you’ll be glad you did!

The book he wrote is right on track to help kids who don’t have dads. Especially boys. And also anyone who wants to help them.

That’s where I am.Anything to help kids.
Let me know what YOU think!

Many thanks,

Ruth Elliott, Director, Edu Designs

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“The quickest way to succeed is to fail. Miserably. The sooner the better.”

May 30, 2010

A friend told me  today when I complained about one of my older kids not listening to my advice. He was right. The sooner you make mistakes (that aren’t fatal) you learn you don’t know everything.  If you keep helping them they never learn how weak they are, plus blame YOU for not letting them do what they thought would work before YOU interfered. Should I let them fail then? But my first instinct is to keep trying to stop them from failing.  Every mother’s is. Is this the agony God has, when his children won’t listen?

“To the hungry man, every bitter thing is sweet.”

Knowledge that is hard won is treasured.

My mom didn’t interfere. Was I lucky? I made plenty of mistakes, failed and was miserable. But angry, then. “Why didn’t someone STOP me from making all these mistakes?” I protested, and blamed my mom for NOT interfering.  I mean – I would have liked a little bit more guidance, I told myself. Another rabbit trail to distract me from the truth I would have to admit:  If it wasn’t for ME, I wouldn’t HAVE any problems. Yes, I had done it to myself. Finally the light turned on. And the desire to prevent others from falling into the same traps I had… but will they listen?

All The Turns Are Taken…

May 21, 2010

WOW! Anyone who’s ever had the dirty end of the stick will like THIS story! Being battered around by older siblings made me think of writing it, and having a penchant for raising chickens in the 70’s showed me how to tell it (just listen to the chicken voices!) See what happens to this little guy by watching the movie!

Ruth does free Art Presentations for schools through EDU DESIGNS – contact her through their Web Site!

The disappearing wooden spoon…

May 5, 2010

Ah yes! The fabled wooden spoon that kept disappearing after I used it on the kid’s butts a few times.  Alas – that was before I discovered the magic use of BEHAVIOR CHARTS! But now everyone can learn from MY MISTAKES (yes, I have made lots of them) by getting them FREE (the behavior charts, not the mistakes) at:
If you have kids, TRY IT, you’ll LIKE IT! NOT the wooden spoon! The BEHAVIOR CHARTS! Better than screaming and yelling all day – and FREE for your non profit use (go ahead and share them with your friends, I want you to).

I KNEW it!!! SPANKING leads to even more aggressive behavior!

May 4, 2010
Ruth Elliott's illustration

I alweddy knew dat...

You knew it too, I’ll bet. Instinctively. Remembering when YOU were spanked, right? How did it make you feel? Like being nicer? No. Now that the EXPERTS have spoken, we can all say what we’ve suspected all along: That Spanking leads to more aggressive behavior:  TIME magazine said so. (Click for the link) WOW! I feel Validated!

Remember the old story? Man gets yelled at by boss. Goes home, yells at wife. She turns around and spanks kid. Kid kicks cat. Cat chases mouse…and so it goes! When will it ever end? You decide!  When it happens to you, you either pass on the insult or put a shock absorber in there.  I try to remember to do it this way: Say “Ouch”, then ask God to “forgive them, for they know not what they do”.  It works – it’s not as much fun as revenge in the short run, but in the long run you get the last laugh. Because then THEY feel stupid when they realize they hurt such a nice person who didn’t deserve it. YOU!

Go back to work? Who needs it?

April 4, 2010

Some mom’s go crazy if they don’t get to go to work outside the home. I felt I went crazy when I DID have to leave my kids.  There was so much to do at home that never got done when I ran for that ever escaping buck.  And why should the babysitter have all the fun? I say let the little ones have their way. They want YOU. After all. They’re only babies once.  You can’t spoil a baby.

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You love this person…called Mama

April 3, 2010

baby on mom's tummy

Why do we love our moms so?

Imagine… that your only safety and security comes from sticking close to the one person who will care for you.  You come to love this person, naturally… and look up to them with utter devotion, because your very survival depends on them.  When you’re with that person you feel safe.  In fact, when you are  not with them you feel insecure. Who will take care of you like she does?  No wonder you cry when you have to leave her.  She represents your safety. Your security. Your connection with life itself.

You’re lying there, all alone. Helpless. Wishing you could get up. Maybe, if you’re lucky, you’ve got the strength to lift your head. You want someone to help. But you can’t talk, and whatever you’d like to say won’t come out the way you want.  You’re getting worried.  Who will help you? You’re just about to lose hope… but wait – there’s someone coming into the room and, OH LOOK! It’s that wonderful lady who seems to know what you need!  She’s walking over to you with a smile on her face! She picks you up gently and suddenly you feel a great relief. You are no longer alone anymore. She knows how to help you. You can relax now. Don’t worry. Everything will be alright.

Hello World! This is my brand new blog!

March 14, 2010

Hello Everybody! Thanks for visiting Gomommygo’s blog! If you are a parent, your ideas are important. No one knows it all. Every parent learns something from their experience that can help other struggling mom’s and dad’s . Here’s your chance to share AND to learn.

I created my website GOMOMMYGO in 2003 (visit at: ) to help parents with the challenges of child rearing. There you will find my free behavior charts, and tips gleaned from raising seven children of my own, plus links to other sites that offer professional advice.  I know you care about kids or you wouldn’t be visiting! Make sure to bookmark my site, and this blog. I’ll look forward to hearing from YOU next time!