Ruth Elliott, Director of Edu Designs and GoMommyGo

Hello Everybody! Thanks for visiting Gomommygo’s blog! If you are a parent, your ideas are important. No one knows it all. Every parent learns something from their experience that can help other struggling mom’s and dad’s . Here’s your chance to share AND to learn.

I created my website GOMOMMYGO in 2003 (visit it at: http://www.gomommygo.com/ ) to help parents with the challenges of child rearing. There you will find my free behavior charts, and tips gleaned from raising seven children of my own, plus links to other sites that offer professional advice.  I know you care about kids or you wouldn’t be visiting! Make sure to bookmark my site, and this blog. I’ll look forward to hearing from you next time!

Ruth is a director of EDU DESIGNS, the first 501(c)(3) non-profit charity dedicated “to produce and distribute multimedia materials for the education, motivation and character development of children”. A mother of seven children, and retired after decades in the animation industry, she now volunteers her time and expertise to help children everywhere.


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