The lady CHANGED 36,000 DIAPERS?

I must confess there were times in the beginning when the constant pressure of motherhood (and the smell!) could have gotten me down. But looking into the fragile and impressionable little faces before me reminded me that their emotional security was more important than my momentary inconvenience. There were only a finite number of diaper changes I would perform until this little one wouldn’t need them any more! From that moment on I embraced every opportunity to relate to them with smiles, coos, laughter and assurance that this precious little baby not only came first, but was an important person worthy of my time and attention. One day the phrase came out of my mouth, “Changing Diapers are Mommy and Baby’s chance to say “Hi!” to one another!”

The idea hit me – what a great thing to remind mom’s of, to help them forget the toll and remember the goal.  Since that time I found Cafe Press  – who will print up designs on a T-shirt for you, and at a reasonable price! I ordered them and they came within a few days!

Now YOU can get one TOO!

If you know a new mom or dad, this is your chance to get one for their little one! Seeing it just might be the reminder they need of the wonderful opportunity they have to nurture and enjoy them while they can!

Here’s where you get them: GoMommyGo’s CAFE PRESS store!

ABOUT the AUTHOR and ILLUSTRATOR:Her 7 kids are grown (and yes, she’s changed over 36,000 diapers in her time!) As a director of the non profit charity Edu Designs, Ruth now donates her time giving FREE art presentations to schools and enjoys sharing ideas to help busy parents with the challenges of raising their kids to be productive and positive people! An Emmy Award winning animation artist, author and illustrator, she offers parents tools for positive behavior in kids through her site

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2 Responses to “The lady CHANGED 36,000 DIAPERS?”

  1. Bonita Jewel Says:

    Cute! It’s great to see the blogs of others who are into parenting and childcare. This is my parenting blog, and we’re having a summer contest, if you’re interested. All the best!

    • Elliott Says:

      LOVE your Blog! Thanks for contacting me, Bonita – You are such an insightful mom. It’s fun to read the lines of someone’s thoughts that go along just like mine! Bless you and thank YOU for contributing to the betterment of children through your blog! You say it so well.

      Since my kids are all grown up, I don’t know if I can consider myself as a ‘contestant’ for the ‘summer’ contest, but I wish all the entrants the best of everything, nonetheless. If any are looking for ideas for positive parenting advice all year round they can visit my website,, where they can get free illustrated behavior charts here:

      Many Thanks! Ruth Ruth Elliott, Director, Edu Designs Helping parents and caregivers guide character development…

      EDU DESIGNS is dedicated “to produce and distribute multimedia materials for the education, motivation and character development of children” Edu Designs is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

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