I finally DID it! The Mandarin Version of my story The Night Princess is HERE!

The MANDARIN Version of The Night Princess!

Click to play the YOUTUBE version

DVD Includes English and Mandarin narrations, dramatized with accompanying original musical score.
Contact me for more information on the coming book and DVD
See the English version here: http://www.edudesigns.org/NightPrincess.html
THE NIGHT PRINCESS is an original fable that encourages us to see that the way we treat anyone, is the way we treat everyone!
With tears streaming down his face, RAY BRADBURY declared,
VAN DYKE PARKS said: “I loved your show too.
Terrific animation to a great tale. The music
does justice to it all!”
Book and DVD are coming soon!
The story of
is as gripping as it is mysterious. What happened to The Night Princess? The end depends on YOU!
Your answer is the only one that matters…

For Educators:

Questions for discussion with Students:

  • What do YOU think happened?
  • Was she still alive?
  • What did the king do?
  • Did he learn a lesson?
  • What lesson did he learn?

PS – Remember to ask your school to contact us for a FREE Art Presentation – plus we donate a copy of each of our books to the schools that request them. Just send them to our web site for more information: www.edudesigns.org
And thanks for remembering to help the kids in this way!

Ruth Elliott
Helping parents and caregivers guide character development…
more about Ruth

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