“The quickest way to succeed is to fail. Miserably. The sooner the better.”

A friend told me  today when I complained about one of my older kids not listening to my advice. He was right. The sooner you make mistakes (that aren’t fatal) you learn you don’t know everything.  If you keep helping them they never learn how weak they are, plus blame YOU for not letting them do what they thought would work before YOU interfered. Should I let them fail then? But my first instinct is to keep trying to stop them from failing.  Every mother’s is. Is this the agony God has, when his children won’t listen?

“To the hungry man, every bitter thing is sweet.”

Knowledge that is hard won is treasured.

My mom didn’t interfere. Was I lucky? I made plenty of mistakes, failed and was miserable. But angry, then. “Why didn’t someone STOP me from making all these mistakes?” I protested, and blamed my mom for NOT interfering.  I mean – I would have liked a little bit more guidance, I told myself. Another rabbit trail to distract me from the truth I would have to admit:  If it wasn’t for ME, I wouldn’t HAVE any problems. Yes, I had done it to myself. Finally the light turned on. And the desire to prevent others from falling into the same traps I had… but will they listen?


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