Go back to work? Who needs it?

Some mom’s go crazy if they don’t get to go to work outside the home. I felt I went crazy when I DID have to leave my kids.  There was so much to do at home that never got done when I ran for that ever escaping buck.  And why should the babysitter have all the fun? I say let the little ones have their way. They want YOU. After all. They’re only babies once.  You can’t spoil a baby.

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2 Responses to “Go back to work? Who needs it?”

  1. Cristina Says:

    I just found your site on the net, looking for chores for kids, and i Loved it, all your images are exactly what i was looking for. i have a 6 and a almost 4 year girls and the little one just drives me crazy. Today i thought, mabe some chores with images will calm her down.
    I will definetly going to try.
    A big thank you

  2. GoMommyGo! Says:

    Thanks so much, Cristina! You’re the kind of mom whose kids will thank you someday for persevering through the hard parts to help your kids. It’s definitely worth it in the end – and you’ll see the difference right away, too!

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