You love this person…called Mama

baby on mom's tummy

Why do we love our moms so?

Imagine… that your only safety and security comes from sticking close to the one person who will care for you.  You come to love this person, naturally… and look up to them with utter devotion, because your very survival depends on them.  When you’re with that person you feel safe.  In fact, when you are  not with them you feel insecure. Who will take care of you like she does?  No wonder you cry when you have to leave her.  She represents your safety. Your security. Your connection with life itself.

You’re lying there, all alone. Helpless. Wishing you could get up. Maybe, if you’re lucky, you’ve got the strength to lift your head. You want someone to help. But you can’t talk, and whatever you’d like to say won’t come out the way you want.  You’re getting worried.  Who will help you? You’re just about to lose hope… but wait – there’s someone coming into the room and, OH LOOK! It’s that wonderful lady who seems to know what you need!  She’s walking over to you with a smile on her face! She picks you up gently and suddenly you feel a great relief. You are no longer alone anymore. She knows how to help you. You can relax now. Don’t worry. Everything will be alright.


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