Don’t do this at home…

Yep, that was me, back in the 80’s, when the kids were little, and I was always racing against the clock. HEY – what happened? I’m STILL racing! But now I pace myself as I run up the stairs, and tell myself – no one will die if I don’t do this right now.   In fact, the only one who will probably die is ME…if I do everything…’right’ … if I only think of what other folks want me too.  Survive – that’s what I really need to do!

And now the kids are all grown up, and things are a little easier.  Learn something new each day…!  And by the way – don’t worry – my dear husband is still ‘on the job’!

With all the experience gained, GoMommyGo was started, to help keep mom’s and dad’s from making some of the mistakes I made! Yes…When I was younger I determined I wouldn’t make the same mistakes my parents made…and I didn’t – I made NEW ONES!!!

Check out GoMommyGo!


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