Hello World! This is my brand new blog!

Hello Everybody! Thanks for visiting Gomommygo’s blog! If you are a parent, your ideas are important. No one knows it all. Every parent learns something from their experience that can help other struggling mom’s and dad’s . Here’s your chance to share AND to learn.

I created my website GOMOMMYGO in 2003 (visit at: http://www.gomommygo.com/ ) to help parents with the challenges of child rearing. There you will find my free behavior charts, and tips gleaned from raising seven children of my own, plus links to other sites that offer professional advice.  I know you care about kids or you wouldn’t be visiting! Make sure to bookmark my site, and this blog. I’ll look forward to hearing from YOU next time!



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4 Responses to “Hello World! This is my brand new blog!”

  1. Sara Says:

    Hello, I met you at Zekes today and you gave me the portable behavior chart. I gave my friend the website and she tried to leave a comment but was told it was a bad e-mail. If you could e-mail me directly i can pass your e-mail address onto her. Thank you for this information and for the compliment about my son.

  2. Sarah McCallister Says:

    Hi my friend told me about your website and I think it is really great. My son is 3 years old and has Autism and a lot of the things on your charts would be great to help my son have a visual schedule to follow but also could be used as a rewards chart.I do have some suggestions for you if you are looking to help/market your charts to the special needs community( and there is a lot of us out there).With special needs children things have to be broken down in to a lot smaller step. for example: washing hands for my son has 10 step: open the bathroom door,turn on the light, step onto step stool , turn on water, wet hands,pump soap onto hand, rub hands out of water, rub hand under water,get off step stool, wipe hands on towel to dry.This is how my child has to learn self help skills,all broken down into smaller step then once he masters the steps we can just show him/tell him go wash your hands and he will do all the step with out needing a visual for each step.but there are a lot of special needs kids and adults that will always rely on a visual schedule for the rest of their lives and reward charts as well.I love that you have it set up so people can customize the charts because all kids are different.My son also has a lot of behaviors that I didn’t see on your website like biting, hitting, scratching, and other things like that.I hope this has been helpful and if you have any question on more ways to break down some other self help skills I would love to help.Thanks for your time.Your pictures are really great!
    Sarah McCallister

    • gomommygosblog Says:

      What great ideas you have, Sarah!
      I hope I get to implement more of them soon – each drawing takes a bit, and I sometimes get behind -I’ve noticed – LIFE TAKES UP MOST OF YOUR TIME!
      If only I didn’t have to eat, sleep, shower, do laundry, etc… Well – YOU know what I mean! That’s why I appreciate so much that you took the time to respond!
      I appreciate you, and hope we can keep in touch.
      PS – that reminds me of a joke I drew once – it’s on one of my joke pages, here, called,”don’t do this at home”…!

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